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Find homes for refugees

We are actively looking for a small number of private rental properties which are suitable for families settling in the area. The refugee families come to the UK under the government’s Syrian Vulnerable Persons' Resettlement Scheme, which helps those who have fled the conflict in Syria, and who cannot be supported effectively where they have come from. These include women and children at risk, those with particular medical needs or disabilities, and survivors of violence and torture. 

Refugees are not given access to social housing, but use the private rented sector, so Shares would like to hear from any landlords who may be interested. To be suitable for the scheme, properties must be self-contained (with their own front door), they must meet local housing authority standards, and the rent must not be significantly higher than the local authority allowance. This is approximately £530 for a two-bedroom property, and £635 for a three-bedroom property. The programme can assist with some rental costs for the first year. Tenants are likely to be long-term and will be supported by Dorset Council for five years. Homes should also be within reach of facilities such as a primary school and public transport. 

If you think you can help, please contact us.

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